Nothing is more important than the safety of our clients, their families, and their guests. We guarantee that every aircraft our clients can charter is in full compliance with FAR Part 135 (USA) and EU OPS (European Commercial Certification). FAR Part 135/EU OPS certifications are the minimum standard operating regulations that certify an aircraft to be airworthy by the government. Response Jet never uses an aircraft that only meets this requirement; we require much more than that. It is a fact that even the most respected fractional companies who spend millions of dollars trying to convince you that they are the “safest”, still pick from the same pool of aircraft that brokers use when they need extra aircraft, but charge much more.

Charter aircraft are just as safe, if not safer, because the rules are much more stringent compared to aircraft owners.

We enlist the services of independent aviation safety audit agencies WYVERN and/or ARG/US to ensure that our operators and aircraft are meeting all FAA, TSA, and Response Jet standards, by making sure they surpass the minimum requirements. Our clients don’t settle for anything but the very best, and neither do we.

WYVERN and ARG/US are highly respected in the industry and provide unbiased evaluations of our air carriers. These evaluations include detailed on-site inspections of every aircraft and its maintenance records, as well as, provide detailed background check and qualification listings for each crew member.

Response Jet only sources operators who, like us, are committed to the highest safety standards and have impeccable safety records. Out of the over 1500 regulated charter jet operators, Response Jet only selects those that meet the highest ratings set by those auditors. It’s our job to make sure you get onboard with peace of mind because nothing is more important than the safety of our clients, their families, and their acquaintances.